About the Band

Most of the players in the AYSB are from year 7 to university age.  There’s a huge range in playing styles and abilities, and we’re always looking for new players.  Part of the aim of the band is to give players a chance to perform with like-minded people from across Auckland, including people from other schools and adults alike.

If you would like to join, or know anyone who would like to join, contact us here or share our Facebook page!

The AYSB is the junior band in the Auckland Youth Symphonic Band Incorporated (AYSB (Inc)).  We sometimes join forces with the senior band, the Auckland Wind Orchestra, and perform in combined concerts.

Our Music

After fifty years, the band library is very extensive. The range of music available is enormous.
Each year we play marches, latin, classical transcriptions, show tunes, pop tunes, original compositions, film themes, TV themes and novelty items.
Rehearsal time, without the distractions of school, is very rewarding.


We rehearse in Freeman’s Bay, in Central Auckland – this enables people to come from all across the city, as far as Whangaparoa in the north to Waitakere in the West.  Head over to our Rehearsals page for details!